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What does the word compostable mean to you and the future?

Definition :Compostable means that a product is capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil.  

Compostable you will notice in the very near future is on all products that are sustainable. It is the new “it” word when it comes to product and marketing speak.

What does it mean to you? Does it mean you will need to buy a bigger compost bin? Whilst it is always best if we take care of our own waste it is the new word for rubbish that will break down.

As consumers we are currently producing tonnes upon tonnes of plastic rubbish that is not breaking down in our land fills. We are interfering with the circle of life.

How can we make a difference? Shop responsibly - buy products in glass, paper or a box. Look for the word “compostable”.

Supermarkets are starting to stock sustainable and compostable products, purchase these over the plastic ridden “brands” that are not moving away from a cheap way to pack.

A2P works very hard to ensure we use no plastic in our products or packaging. A2P products are inspected, tested, certified and FDA approved.

Whilst we would love you to buy only our products, we support all products that are sustainable and compostable.

Lets ensure our kids have a future together!



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