Delivering plastic free everyday.

Struggling to go plastic free? Try one product a month and watch your progress.

If you have read some of our previous blogs you will understand that we are a relatively normal family, that is now making a very real effort to remove plastic from our lives.

Mike and I have four kids between us and we got very frustrated with the amount of plastic wrapped products that went into our school lunch boxes. Hence A2P was born with the help of Aaron and our products are an alternative to normal plastic products.

Recently whilst on school holiday's we started going through a lot more bread than usual. Mixed grain breads are our family staple, but unfortunately the brand we like are wrapped in plastic with plastic tags.

As always I got really uncomfortable about the amount of bags and tags we were using - so we went and bought a bread maker.

I have always made some of our bread, so there was plenty of flour and yeast in the house.

My first effort was so hard that even the birds didn't want to have a go at it when I put it in the back yard.

My second effort was judged as eatable but with my 9 year old son piping up and saying "well you are only learning" :).

After these two efforts I went to the supermarket and bought the correct bread flour and also some sure-bake to see if I could improve my bread. 

Bingo - check out the pic attached. We now make a loaf every second day and the boys are eating it quite happily.

Yesterday, I also made dough then cut it up, rolled it and made homemade fresh bread rolls - it was so easy I nearly cried.

I make our bread when I am doing dinner prep - it takes 5 minutes to get ready. Turn the machine on when you go to bed and the bread is waiting for toast and lunches in the morning.

Sound like a lot of effort to you? Lets put some numbers to it......

No longer buying 6 bags with tags per week.

This year we will have stopped 312 bags and 312 tags going to landfill.

If you are struggling to remove plastic from your daily lives, take it one step at a time. Our method is to find one product a month that is relatively to easy to replace out of plastic.

February for us will be the removal of all plastic wrapped meats.

Here are some products we would love to see taken out of plastic :

Telegraph cucumbers

Berries fresh and frozen

All veggies.

All Meats

What would you like to see?


PS: I am sure there are some wonderful bakers out there who would like to share some tips or tricks in regards to breadmaking. Please do as you can tell we are novice's working on the perfect loaf.






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