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New Products are now in stock


A2P is a brand that delivers plastic free everyday and we are excited to add two new products to our growing range.

A2P now has a reusable cotton pad set and reusable dishcloth and scrubby set in stock. 

Our 100% cotton pads are coloured for different uses e.g. Red for lipstick or blood, Black for eye makeup and White is for foundation and or great on a blister. They are reusable and come with a handy washable bag, so they don't get lost when going through the laundry.

Our dishcloth is made from 100% cotton and our scrubby is made from Jute twine and 100% cotton, it also has a handy washable bag. Both sets contain our aluminium clip that helps with drying and slips over most sink taps. 

Both products are reusable, sustainable, compostable and naturally plastic free.

Get in early as they make great Christmas presents.

A2P would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best during these COVID-19 trying times. Stay safe, be well, be kind and remember to shop normal.


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