Delivering plastic free everyday.

How is your sustainable zero waste living going?

I don't know about you - but everyday, I still feel very defeated by the amount of single use plastic still being used in supermarkets and shops throughout New Zealand and around the world.

At A2P we work on finding alternatives that will make it easier for anyone to change their habits to exclude single-use plastic. 

Our latest product is a Kraft Paper Packaging tape. The sticky adhesive is activated when wiped with a damp cloth.

It adheres well to any paper or cardboard. It is paper so easy to cut to the size you need and the adhesive is made from a sugary compound so it is naturally compostable.

Great for wrapping Christmas presents as well as for use on boxes and cartons.

It has just landed in the country and clearing customs so we are doing a new product launch discount. Normal RRP is $5.99 use PACKTAPE in the discount code and pay only $4.99 until the 24/11/19. Despatching will start after 24/11/19.





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