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Do you know why single use plastics will not be removed from our supermarket shelves?

Do you understand why single use plastics are still available today on our shelves? It's easy because we are still buying the brands that use them. Also commercially our supermarkets cannot remove them because they A. They don’t have sustainable replacements and B. Consumers keep buying them.

As I walk through a supermarket shopping, I try to change one product a week to packaging that is more sustainable. For example the boys in our household love peanut butter. I have always bought a well known brand which is in a plastic container - this brand is showing no sign of changing their packaging. So we have changed brands and are now buying a slightly more expensive one that is in a glass jar that we can also reuse. 

Just think if every shopper in the world did the same thing? It would then create change amongst some of the big brands we still support, that have no intention of changing their very cost effective single use plastic packaging.


Now I am not saying that we cannot reuse some plastic because with its life cycle we can but predominantly once our peanut butter jar is empty we don’t. We throw it in the recycle bin and forget to clean it so it goes into landfill.

Let’s not focus only on peanut butter - it is all brands that use single use plastic that need our attention.

Check out these shelves next time you are in the supermarket - Drinks, Bread, Chips, nuts, lunch staples, crackers, baking goods, spices, flavours, biscuits, bakery, butchery, deli, Fruit and veggie’s, wraps, deli meats, yoghurts, dips, cheeses.....realistically never ending.

Here is my challenge to you - why don’t you pick one of your pantry staples and make the change to a brand that does care.

A2P and our families want a future for our kids - we support all brands that are truly sustainable.

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