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Do you find it hard avoiding single use plastic?

Do you find it hard avoiding single use plastic? I do!

Plastic is just so damn handy in lunch boxes, everything is wrapped in it. It’s really difficult to buy products that the kids “want", which don’t have plastic in their makeup.

I was looking at my sons lunch today and cringed - as I dutifully removed all the single use plastic, so I could recycle it correctly. 

Did you know that the first plastic invented by Alexander Parkes was made from organic cellulose in the 1800’s. It seems a shame that it is no longer organic? I wonder if Alexander Parkes could fathom what his invention has become?

In Auckland alone we are currently using enough single use plastic to fill Eden Park’s inner field. We used to ship it off to China and Asia but they have realised the impact and now say no thank you. 

I believe, that the consumer is the one who can remove single use plastic from our supermarkets, malls etc. Realistically we as the consumer create the demand for the product. If more consumers become aware of their usage and refused to buy products then the demand would change to plastic free products.

It's not easy though is it? A2P want to help make that easier - it is our mission to help the planet one product at a time. Our packaging and products contain no single use plastic. Our products are either re-useable, recyclable or naturally break down. 

Check out our website and help us in this mission.





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