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Are you looking for things to do whilst recovering or self isolating to avoid Covid-19?

I look at social media sometimes and wonder is this just a place for everyone to be publicly toxic? Or is there some good in this....

I definitely think at the moment with celebrities posting about their self isolation and recoveries there are some really great things coming from this obviously terrifying virus.

From Tom Hanks or Hanxs and his wife sharing their experiences in Australia with Covid-19 to then eating too much vegemite and Ellen trying to read Moby Dick and do a 4,000 piece jigsaw, I have a feeling things are going to get a little boring.

If you read some of our earlier blogs, we are a normal everyday family on a mission to reduce single use plastic in our lives. 

A really cool thing that has come out of working to be plastic free and trying to be zero waste is that we have started growing our own vegetables. Following the zero waste path we are not just growing, but we are grafting them from seeds of bought vegetables.

Xavier our eight year old is really enjoying watching this. Our first success was with capsicums. I took one capsicum chopped it up and ate it for dinner but retained the stem and seed pod, which I then planted in a pot and watered daily depending on the temperature.

We got 39 Capsicum (bell peppers) plants from one capsicum seed pod. I am not so sure what we will do if all the plants start producing at the same time but watch this space we will let you know.

Our second attempt was an avocado plant from an avocado seed. Check out Youtube on how to do this as there is a bit of work to be done to get to the stage where it will start to germinate. So far we have tried with 3 seeds and our last attempt has been successful the plant is getting so big now it needs to be potted.

Our latest attempt is an apple tree from an apple seed. Goodness one has to do a lot of work and waiting to get this to work. Our seed in wrapped in tissue in a jar in our fridge and we are waiting for it to germinate, so far 6 weeks and waiting. 

 So here is a suggestion if you are bored at home try something new and plastic free like planting a vegetable garden - stuck for seeds? They are in your fridge inside your vegetables.

Your kids will love watching them grow and whilst self isolation means staying away from others it doesn't mean you cannot get outside and enjoy our lovely planet and help it by planting more trees and growing naturally.

Be Safe well and Happy from A2P.

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