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Are you in touch with your environmental footprint? Say no to single use plastic!

Two years ago my husband, children and I moved into our semi-rural subdivision which is located on the edge of Waiuku, West Coast, North Island, New Zealand. It is a pretty town that is surrounded by market growers, cow and sheep farmers, a forest and lovely west coast beaches.

Waiuku has a zero waste policy and it is heavily promoted around the town. We have a recycle centre that collects other man’s trash and turns it into treasure. There is a sharing pantry and all families are doing their best to help reduce their footprint on the environment.

As a mum the first thing I noticed about our family was the amount of organic waste we generated. This waste was going into single use plastics bags and plastic bin liners. As a family we had gone from one bag of rubbish per week to three. It just did not sit well with me that much food and plastic going to land fill. 

So we did the following things to reduce our footprint....

  1. Said no to single use plastic bags - we don’t accept them in shops, we always take our own bags and buy compostable bin liners.
  2. We no longer throw away our organic waste -  we got a compost bin - the garden love's us for it.
  3. We now wash all our recycling well - so that it can actually be recycled.
  4. Any single use packets from muesli bars, lunch snacks, bread bags I collect and take them to our local supermarket which has a soft plastic recycle bin - a hint - make sure they are cleaned first.
  5. I refuse to use cling wrap and plastic sandwich bags to pack our children’s lunches.
  6. I try to buy only products that are kind to the planet.

Do you know what your environment footprint is?  Hopefully some of these tips will help you to reduce yours also.





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