Delivering plastic free everyday.

Are we now so enamoured with plastic - that the only barrier to not using it - is us?

At A2P we are continually working on finding and bringing you alternatives to everyday "single use plastic" items. Generally these are your everyday items that are such a staple in our lives that we have forgotten that they are single use plastic.

Our latest product is a plastic free kraft paper tape and at A2P we love it.

It wasn't until A2P started sending out cartons to supermarkets in the North Island, that we realised we had a real problem in regards to plastic packaging tape. Straight away we looked to alternatives.

Luckily we have an excellent sourcing team who got onto the job.  There are many different types of tape and when we choose a product we test it thoroughly before we even attempt to on sell it to you.

At first we found tapes that had a PE backing - PE is a plastic derivative so they were declined. Then we found a tape that had white Tyvek strips through it - whilst this was relatively strong the white strips also contained plastic. Last but not least we found our current product that is completely plastic free.

Just to make sure of this our plastic free police expert, sent the tape to our very own Auckland University to get tested and the report they generated came back with a big thumbs up to plastic free.

After our plastic free pass A2P then decided to ship some into our store.

A2P - Alternative 2 Plastics do not just believe their products and packaging should be plastic free we make sure our cartons and bulk shipping is also completely plastic free.

Our products come in by boat and currently most countries will expect everything to be wrapped in plastic before it leaves or enters a new port. A2P will not let our manufacturers use any plastic on the boxes they send us and we certainly will not let them wrap it in cling wrap. This can take some discussing with suppliers as they so conditioned to having to wrap everything in plastic.

A2P want to reassure you that you do not need to have anything wrapped in single use plastic. Our water activated tape has been boxed without plastic, had paper packaging tape used on its cartons and been shipped through a storm to New Zealand and has arrived dry, safe, been fully inspected and batched.

A2P does all this hard work so you don't have to. If you are not using re-usable wrapping this Christmas please don't pick up a plastic tape - try our Kraft paper tape. Check out this you-tube tutorial that shows you how to use the tape not just for cartons but for wrapping as well.

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