Delivering plastic free everyday.

A2P heads into stores near you.

At A2P we are not all natural greeny’s or super sleuth Zerowaster’s - we are normal people who want a future for our kids.

At the Botherway household our carbon footprint is zero rated - we compost our food scraps, we purchase in mainstream supermarkets and we choose products in boxes, glass, cans and paper.  Naturally compostable products are our preference and we use corn starch bin liners.

It would be a lie to tell you that no products come home wrapped in plastic because it is virtually impossible to do so. I get depressed when I look in our bin and the only thing in them is single use plastics.

A2P sources products that are made from natural fibres, contain no single use plastic and where possible are reusable.

Our A2P Paper sandwich bags are made from paper, but we find many ways to reuse them around the house. They are really handy when using meats in lunch boxes. They keep a sandwich fresh, but are also great for little red sausages, cookies, vege sticks or fruits.

They were originally designed to help fix the smooshed factor in our sons' lunch boxes. Our teenagers would not have a bar of the wraps so we created the Paper Sandwich bag. The good thing about our sandwich bags is if they do not come home, they will break down naturally in any rubbish system.

Sheryn has been busy selling these into 30 New World’s and one Pak N Save Pukekohe around Auckland, Coramandel and the Bay of Plenty. This is still in roll out phase so we hope to have all of New Zealand covered by December 2019. Some of the stores also stock our beeswax wraps.

To find a store near you click on our New Zealand stockist tab.







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